After several years of commitment and constant attention to the problem, Spazioconfinato.it represents the reference point at national level for all those who deal, in various capacities, with Confined Spaces activities and contributes to the discussion among those who have had the need to deal with the Confined Spaces interventions management, offering a field of comparison for their knowledge and experience in the specific sector. The various application problems that have emerged since the emanation of Italian regulation Presidential Decree 177/2011, with the passage of time have not yet found a specific solution: the debate is still open and are now available different interpretations that, however, still cannot unequivocally define the various controversial aspects of the Decree. The problem is serious and it is demonstrated by the fact that, even today, it is expected to guarantee an adequate safety level for workers by tying them to a rope or by ensuring that there is an outside waiting person who can work in an emergency. Certainly the verification of the indoor air quality and the guarantee of adequate ventilation are basically, as is the supervision by another worker who can launch the alarm in case of emergency, but how to succeed in obtaining an adequate safety level if planning and programming of the intervention are lacking? Considering that the manholes for accessing the spaces are often represented by a circular cover diameter 60 cm partially obstructed by the scale used by the operator to go down or by an oval manhole 32x42 cm, it is clear that these are the preliminary phases to the intervention that make the difference. The question is only one: we must carry out a thorough and correct assessment of the risk, an effective training, provide for the use of suitable equipment and plan the emergency scenarios by coding the operations to be carried out. Precisely international references are already available on this, just think of the different international standards that exist today. It is therefore evident the importance of continuing to collect and share the experience of anyone who is a bearer of knowledge and interest on the specific topic, so as to develop effective actions and operating procedures to be shared and grow on the Web thanks to the collaboration of all. A broad and structured collaboration according to the principles of the development of open-source programs, through discussion in an area where all stakeholders on the topic can contribute by increasing and expanding the contents of the site in the various sectors that see the need to operate in confined spaces. For years the Staff of Spazioconfinato.it makes available on-line specific documents related to the activities in the Confined Spaces, object of a precise activity of research and analysis on the Web, in addition to the publication of the reports presented both in the National Conference organized annually and in the course of selected events organized by other institutions / institutions and / or private Italian or European organizations. Certain that our initiative will continue to meet the interest of an ever increasing number of operators in the sector, we invite all those who intend to share our goal to register on the site and send us reports and / or material that refers to the theme through the dedicated section of our site. For any information about our activities, you can contact us via Skype at the address provided or write to us at [email protected]

The staff of Spazioconfinato.it